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Restoring Abrahamic Faith


Restoring Abrahamic Faith

The purpose of this group is to discuss Restoring Abrahamic Faith - the book, as well as the Biblical Principles upon which it is based.

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About the Book - Restoring Abrahamic Faith by Dr. James Tabor

Restoring Abrahamic Faith is an engaging, challenging, exposition of the ancient Hebrew Faith written by biblical scholar and historian Dr. James D. Tabor. This thoroughly revised edition of Tabor’s 1993 publication examines all the great Questions of Biblical Faith:

Who is God?
What are the Holy Scriptures?
How does one know the will of God?
How should we live?
What does salvation mean?
What about the so-called “Lost Tribes” of Israel?
Is the present return of Jews to the Land of Israel significant?
What about the coming of the Messiah?
Who was Jesus and what was his message?

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Can you expand upon the horse and the donkey prophecy as it relates to the Messiah? 12 Replies

Started by Joanna Garrett. Last reply by Joanna Garrett Jul 4, 2009.

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Comment by Mark Mosley on June 8, 2015 at 5:50pm
I bought this book a few months ago. In it Dr. Tabor uses Scripture to verify what I have found in my studies over the past several years. I am hoping that my family will read it and study the Scriptures that he has listed. He states things better than I can, and the book doesn't have to stop and answer an argument in mid sentence, thus losing the train of thought. As another person stated, I have marked the book and am into my second reading/study of it. Thanks, Dr. Tabor.
Comment by Theresa Ann Saltsman Simons on June 7, 2015 at 9:01am

Have this book and love it. I see it to be the most important book I have other than the Torah and believe it could be a uniting tool for all faiths.

Comment by Cindy C on September 7, 2014 at 12:46pm

Hello Everyone! It looks like it's been awhile since anyone has posted on this group. I just received my copy of RAF and am going to sit down and start reading it right after I post this message. I'm so excited to get started! Here I go..... :)

Comment by Len Gesinski on October 9, 2011 at 9:36pm
We Have 'Restoring Abrahamic Faith' on Order, My Wife Jen Just Finished 'The Jesus Dynasty' via her Kindle Reader.
Comment by Ross Nichols on January 16, 2010 at 8:50pm
I am hoping that many of you who have read and benefited from James Tabor's book, Restoring Abrahamic Faith, might make it a point to share that work far and wide this year. I remain convinced that this work unlike any other currently in print so clearly lays out the foundations of biblical faith. I would encourage you to take advantage of the fact that the author is here among us on the SWW - get to know him a bit and recommend his book to any and all. I am pasting a note in this post that was recently sent out by Dr. Tabor. In it, he talks about the book, provides ordering information and includes a recent endorsement from Dr. Barrie Wilson, professor of Religious Studies at York University in Toronto. It is exciting to see members of the academic community finding this book of value for use in their classrooms! I hope and pray that this book and it's message reach people all over the world. You can help by getting a copy for you and everyone that you know!

From the author:
As chair of a large and thriving Department of Religious Studies in a public/state university I make every effort to keep my personal religious faith and my position as a Professor in the area of the academic study of religion properly separated but I do get many questions from students and the general public about what I "believe."

Way back in 1993 I self-published a little 40 page pamphlet titled Restoring Abrahamic Faith, in response to questions I was getting from many quarters regarding my own "beliefs." It was

mainly an attempt to save my "breath," so I could give it selectively to those who were curious about my own personal faith, or the lack thereof. Also, in the final chapter of my popular book, The Jesus Dynasty, that was intended for general audiences far beyond my academic arena, I did include, at the editor's urging, a final "Conclusion" that delved into matters of faith and the consequences of historical Jesus studies--mentioning my view of "Abrahamic Faith." Last year I published a expanded version of that 1993 treatise as a regular trade book, still self-published, but now widely available, either directly through the publisher (http://genesis2000.org) or through Amazon.  Since these are mailed out right here from Charlotte I am also glad to autograph copies.

I am most pleased and gratified to have received a positive endorsement of this new book, Restoring Abrahamic Faith, from none other than Dr. Barrie Wilson (see http://barriewilson.com), professor of Religious Studies at York University in Toronto and author of the recent best-seller, How Jesus Became Christian. Although I did not write Restoring Abrahamic Faith primarily for my academic colleagues it is surely gratifying to have someone of the caliber of Dr. Wilson to write so positively about the book. Here are his personal comments:

Hi James,
You’ve produced a superb manifesto in this book, very similar in many ways to my own personal credo. It is truly a wonderful, inspirational book that should draw people back to the fundamental biblical message, one which puts Jesus, James and John the Baptizer into context. I have added it to my "Recommended Reading" on my Web site. I think the chapter on The Messiahs is especially well done and I’ll direct my students to the book, especially for that chapter. What constitutes a Messiah, as opposed to a Savior, remains a perennial favorite amongst my students.
I personally learned a lot from the chapter on The Plan – hadn’t thought of thinking about the future quite that way – and Turning To God is very similar to the kind of message I advocate when speaking in churches/synagogues.
This coming summer I’m teaching an honors seminar on early Christianity. We’ll use The Jesus Dynasty and one of the research projects I’ll assign will have to do with what constitutes a Messiah. Those individuals will have to obtain Restoring Abrahamic Faith.

If any of this interests you I hope you will order a copy and let me know what you think. You can also find reviews, reader's comments, and more information at http://genesis2000.org

Best in the New Year to all of you and your families,

James D. Tabor

Comment by James Daniel Tabor on November 11, 2009 at 10:07am
My book Restoring Abrahamic Faith is moving up on the Amazon list...you can get it cheaper via the publisher directly: http://genesis2000.org but Amazon definitely has a reach...

Comment by Ally Kale on September 18, 2009 at 4:15am
Shalom, my wife and I have just finished this book and it is without doubt the best work of its kind that we have read. We have highlighted so much and intend reading it again. James has done a fantastic job of clearly showing from the Tanakh that Jesus/Yeshua can not be the messiah. His use of scripture is both methodical and scholarly. We have also found that in trying to share some of the truths of the book has brought some prettty negative criticism. This does not deter us, rather it spurs us on. This book has energized our faith, and confirmed the call we already had to seek the ancient paths. We encourage all to read it as opportunity affords. Todah rabah James.
Shalom from Australia - Moshe and Ally
Comment by Valerie Knowles on July 30, 2009 at 12:09pm
Hi Sideth and Evelyn,
I read RAF while I was living in Poriyya Illit Israel. I went to every scripture. It was so refreshing to see how well he put the scruiptures in context. I recommended to some of my friends. One of them freaked out about the diviniy issue. I had assumed she already got who YHWH was. I avoid the subject with ppl that will think jesus is god. . It causes terrible persecution and condemnation to those of us that worship YHWH only, so I keep my mouth shut. I will be seeing Nehemiah this sunday and will get his new book.

Comment by Evelyn G. Stewart on July 29, 2009 at 8:43pm
Welcome Sideth,
So glad RAF has touched you as it has so many of us! Once we hear and respond to YHVH's call to return to Him and Him alone, He gives us joy, shalom and a hope that is so deeply felt that nothing else can compare. You are right in saying if you share what you have learned that you probably will be persecuted or shunned by your Christian and Messianic friends, but YHVH will connect you with others that are on the same spiritual journey. I live in SC but am sure you will also hear from others who live closer to you and may be interested in starting a home fellowship. Hope we can keep in touch and may you be truly blessed as you continue to read RAF.
Comment by Sideth on July 28, 2009 at 10:25pm
Shalom to all who have read RAF!
I went to the presentation of A Prayer to Our Father in Minneapolis, MN two weeks ago. It was very encouraging to be there. It was great to meet Dr. Tabor! I bought two copies of the book. I gave one copy to my sister. I finished reading it in less than a week. Usually I do not read that fast, unless it is a very good book that keeps me glued to it. I have a feeling that this book, and RAF, will expose many Christians and Messianics to the proper understanding of the Hebrew Scriptures like never before. Let is be so! Todah to Nehemia and Keith Johnson for writing it. May YHWH bless your work!!
A few days later I bought a copy of professor James Tabor's book Restoring Abrahamic Faith (RAF). I am almost finished with it. It is an amazing book indeed! Wow! And Halleluyah! When I read about the prophecies of returning to the "ancient path", the "way of YHVH", the hair of my neck and arms stood straight up! It is a wonderful feeling. It is like something within my spirit is being connected to something above and beyond the physical realm. I would say it is spiritual. Todah Dr. Tabor for writing this book!
These two books: A Prayer to Our Father, and Restoring Abrahamic Faith, make me want to get connected with others who are on the same path in their spiritual journey. Right now if I try to share everything I have read in these books, I know for sure that I will be persecuted, or shunned by my Christian and Messianic friends. In fact, just by forwarding some email to those on my list about these books, I have received scolding responses already. One person even sent me a booklet on the "Divinity of Yeshua", trying to pull me back to the Christian doctrines. I will NEVER go back that way again!!
I am writing this to see if others like me want to start a home fellowship, or get in contact with those of like-minded people who have read these books, especially RAF. Also, I am thinking of finding a place to celebrate Sukkot this year with a Karaite group, or a similar group, but the closest one I can find is in Troy, North Carolina. I live in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. If anyone can help with some ideas that would be greatly appreciated.
YHWH imechem - May YHWH be with you!!!

"Pray for the SHALOM (peace) of Jerusalem; may those who love you prosper (Psalm 122:6)."

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Discussion Forum

Can you expand upon the horse and the donkey prophecy as it relates to the Messiah? 12 Replies

Started by Joanna Garrett. Last reply by Joanna Garrett Jul 4, 2009.



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