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The Hebraic Etymology of the Terms Jew [Yehudim], Jewish convert [Yahad] and Judaism [Yahadut].

The Hebraic Etymology of the Terms Jew [Yehudim], Jewish convert [Yahad] and Judaism [Yahadut].


According to Mark Twain’s 1898 article in Harper’s Magazine: Jews are “A nebulous dim puff of star-dust lost in the blaze of the Milky Way.”


Mark Twain goes on to say: The Egyptian, the Babylonian, and the Persian rose, filled the planet with sound and splendor, then faded to dream-stuff and passed away; the Greek and the Roman followed, and made a vast noise, and they are gone; other peoples have vanished.  The Jew saw them all, beat them all, and is now what he always was, exhibiting no decadence, no infirmities of age, no weakening of his parts, no slowing of his slowing of his energies, no dulling of his alert and aggressive mind.  “All things are mortal but the but the Jew; all other forces pass, but he remains.”  What is the secret of his immortality?


YEHUDIM {Yod, Hey, Vav, Dad, Yod, Mem} This word is interpreted Jews in English.  It's origin is in the Genesis chapter 29.  Judah’s Hebraic name which includes every letter of the four letter name of YHWH.  The name is made by combining two existing terms {Strongs # 3050 YAH} and {Strong’s # 1935 "Hohd." he, vav, daleth.} indicate splendor, majesty, glory, honor,  literally signifying "YHWH'S Glory.”


Yehudim is also the root of {Strong # 3066 Yehudeyth. Yod, Heth, Vav, Daleth, Yod, Tov.} meaning “YHWH Glorious Language.”  The Scripture language familiar to Adam, Eve, and preferred by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as the ultimate means in praising YAHWEH.  In (Genesis 31:45-47) when Laban called the place (by using the Aramaic name) “Jegar Sahadutha” Jacob [Israel] call it (in Yehudeyth) “Galleed {Strong # 1567 gimel, lamed, ayin, daleth.}”


The immortality of the Yehudim is in the Scripture word aligns with YHWH’s and His of prophetic verses.  In Num. 6:27 it reads “They shall put My name upon the sons of Israel, and I will bless them.”  This claim of scripture is that the sons of Israel are the people of YHWH who uniquely bear the title of His exceptional name (Proverbs 1:7,9, 4:5,9, Isaiah 43:6-7.) 


Micah 4:5 reiterates "For all people will walk every one in the name of his god, and we [Israel] will walk in the name of YHWH our Elohim FOREVER and ever."  In a world in which the majority of religions are anti-Torah, it is a meritorious act of valor to be known by our Heavenly Father’s name.


Those who were Jews/Yehudim by freedom of choice were known as converts, Geurim.  As Ruth when she said (Ruth 1:16) “Your people will be my people and your Elohim my Elohim.”


{Strong’s 1481 Gur.} (Ex. 12:48, Eze. 47:23) while {Strong’s # 1616 Gehr. gimel, resh.} is based on {Strong’s # 1481 Gur} meaning abide and assemble together, dwell together, guest, one who had joined Israel, converted {Strong’s # 1481 Gur. gimel, vav, resh.}  The Israelite convert’s tribal inheritance was determined as shown in (Ezekiel 47:21-23.)


A delightful manifestation for the title Yehudim by chose is a portmanteau term {Strong‘s 3054 Yahad.  Yod, He, Daleth.} translated “convert.”  The word “Yahad” has deeper dimension which lies at it scripture core, it is derive from two terms [Strong’s # 3050 Yah and Strong’s # 1906 "Had." He, daleth.] means “YAH’s Joyously proclaim.”  A second definition of this word is “Joining or in union with YHWH.”


The word “Yahad was employ in the Tanak in (Jos. 19:45) is written the word {Strong‘s 3054 Yahad.  Yod, He, Daleth.} as the name of a city in the territory in the tribe of Dan, however is translated as Jehud.  In (1 ch. 2:47) {Strong‘s 3056 Yahaday.  Yod, He, Daleth, Yod.} is used as a proper name.  Both names belong to the root word {Strong‘s 3054 Yahad.  Yod, He, Daleth.}


According to (1) Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch, both {Strong‘s 3054 Yahad.  Yod, He, Daleth.} and {Strong‘s 3161 Yakhad.  Yod, Heth, Daleth.} are related words.  While they’re pronounce similar and connected to the theme of Joining, Joined or in unity, however both terms are spelled distinctly different, Strong‘s 3054, with the "He" is associated with the blessing of joining in relations to the Heavenly Father, conversion to Judaism “to Joining or being in Unity with YHWH.”  The other term with the "Heth" is a corrupted manifestation was intentionally introduced as {Strong‘s 3161 Yakhad. Yod, Heth, Daleth.} used as such in (Gen. 49:6, Psa. 86:11, Isa 14:20) to emphasize that joining IE in union with guile secular group or Anti-Torah religion, that is devoid of YHWH spirituality.  Reference (#1) Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch. Etymological Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew.


The scripture is full of doctrines and symbolism that matter, while {Strong‘s 3054 Yahad} conversion to YHWH’s covenant Yahadut, is joyously announce joining in the garden of Eden is Heavens’ realm where the fruits tree of eternal life sustain His Yehudim family.  However, it could be interpreted that the corruptible {Strong‘s 3161 Yakhad} conversion IE union to a Anti-Torah religious body.  Any life that is devoid of morals would lead toward succumbing towards corruptible acts of misdeeds, equated with 3th chapter of Genesis and all its dire consequences.


In the 30th chapter of Deuteronomy we read: “See, I have set before you life and goodness, and death and evil; in that I command you this day to love YHWH, to walk in His ways and to keep His commandments... Life and death I have set before you, blessing and curse. And you shall choose life“  What is meant by calling on His elect to make a chose "and you shall choose life!"  This a commandment?  A promise?  Or a statement of fact?  In any case, the Torah has no doubts about the ultimate outcome of man's choice between make conscious effort to hear YHWH words as good.  Or listen to “it doesn’t matter” “the bible doesn’t mean what it said” excuses of the two legged serpent who is the messenger of evil.


The term {Strong‘s 3054 Yahad} meaning "joyously joining or convert to YAH” is the feature root of “Yahadut,” translated Judasim.  First, the scripture distinctly defined the series of actions that occur for those who are call to convert “Yahad,” in a process joining to YHWH by he’s own covenant “Yahadut.”  Second, (Est. 8:17) "People of the land‚ converted {Strong‘s 3054 Yahad} to Yehudim."  When anyone “joined in union I.E. converted” initiation into His Kingdom as a full citizen.  The “Yahad” literally share the identity of YHWH’s own mononym; in the Hebrew with the citizenship titled “Yehudim” with the duties and responsibilities that come with being a member of His own community.  (# ) There also a Hebraic correlation how two different Hebrew words are use, {“HiteYahad.” He, tov, Yod, he, Daleth.} that it means “to make one‘s self a Yehudi,” and how it is used in (Est. 8:17) “many of the people of the land became Yehudim {“MohiteYahudim.” Mem, he, tov, yod, he, daleth, yod, mem.}”

Reference (# ) A Comprehensive Etymological dictionary of the Hebrew language p255.

*YAHADUT { Yod, He, Daleth, Vav, Tov.}  The word Judaism is English word translated from the Hebrew Yahadut.  It’s from [Strong’s # 3050 Yah, YHWH mononym] and Strong’s # 2304 Hadut {Heth, Daleth, Vav, Tov.}  The facts point that Strong’s # 2304 Hadut is from Strong’s # 2302 Hadah {Heth, Daleth, He.} which in turn is rooted in Strong’s # 1906 "Had" {He, daleth.}


Yahadut lay claim to the meaning as “YHWH only scripture religion,” or what its’ root word meaning  suggest “YHWH Joyous acclamation,” it could also be interpreted as “in union with YHWH” for there is only one religion declared in the Hebraic scripture.  With this knowledge, the question could be asked on the cosmic level: The purpose of creation is that man develop the divine moral goodness set in Yahadut and the rest of our perfect redemption has been invested within our own soul, by the Creator.


Based on historical facts the term “Yahadut” has been used for millenniums and was coin before first century BCE as YHWH’s own religion.  Reference include the Second Book of Maccabees 2:21 and 8:1. “Yahadut” or “dat Yahadut” and is used throughout Talmudic commentaries of the same period.  {Strong’s # 3064  Yehudim} (Jews) [derive from Strong’s # 3050 Yah and Strong’s # 1935 Hohd] is the titled of those in HIS flock, and people in His Kingdom, who practice Yahadut [Judaism, is YAH’s system of joyous covenanted life.]  The Torah covenant relationship is describe by the portmanteau word term Yahadut is used to emphasize the intrinsic quality that it’s YHWH only accepted religious practice.



In conclusion, Yahadut is a charming offshoot from it root of Strong‘s 3054 Yahad.  Both Yahadut and Strong‘s 3054 Yahad are Hebraic portmanteau words formed by blending two distinct words and combining their meaning.


Strong‘s 3054 Yahad used as spiritual “joining or converting” to YHWH scripture religion, it is from [Strong’s # 3050 Yah, YHWH mononym] and Strong’s # 1906 "Had."  {Strong’s # 1906 "Had." He, daleth.} which derive from {Strong’s # 1959 “Haydad”} meaning to shout (-ing); as an enthusiastic display acclamation, a word that means He “claim out loud with Joy,” Delight or Happiness.  The word [Strong’s # 2304 Hadut." heth, daleth, vav, tov.] develop from "Had."  Notice, also that it is self evident [Strong’s # 2304 Hadut.] by its’ distinctive letter and pronunciation characteristics that “Yahad” developed into the word Yahadut by combining [Strong’s # 3050 Yah,] and [Strong’s # 2304 Hadut.]


The ultimate realization of Yahadut purpose is to bring a moral that sustain, maintain and nourish freedom.  Only a moral, freedom loving people derived their rights from YHWH, the right to act on a moral personal conscience, no man can take it away. [A slave has no freedom, nor right to act on a moral personal conscience.]  Only where we can freely exercise our moral conscience are we free of evil, and in a world in which man has overcome ignorance, jealousy and hatred to bring about the harmonious world that YHWH envisioned at creation and outlined in the Torah.


This words are expressing His fervent and emphatic declaration of joy, the Torah is full of His joyous acclamation.  Consequently, the Hebraic portmanteau word “Yahadut” first definition is “YAH claim out loud with Joy.”  Along with the Scripture word for Convert, Strong‘s 3054 Yahad [Strong’s # 3050 Yah and Strong’s # 1906 "Had." He, daleth.] is rooted in the meaning “YAH “claim out loud with Joy, or YAH Joyous acclamation.”


As the result of Strong‘s 3054 “Yahad” is a fundamental spiritual / human right granted by YHWH, to anyone He gave a Jewish consciousness.  The right to enter YHWEH realm which is a Heavenly right that no man can take away and any man or power that infringes on those rights, in Mark Twain own words; “faded to dream-stuff and passed away.“


Mark Twain said:  “All things are mortal but the but the Jew; all other forces pass, but he [the Jew] remains.”  After all YHWH given soul is what defines one’s inclinations of who and what He called you to be, and those that He granted with a Jewish consciousness are, and always will be Yehudim.  If anyone wants to convert to scripture Yahadut, but because there is an absence in area of that ability, the tempering of men is not allow, being refuse, refusal to provide a process of scripture conversion, or there is no one to convert the person.  By the code of Jewish Law (2) {Shulclan Aruch Yoreh Deah Siman 268 Seif Gimmel Seif 3 to Seif 10.}  Anyone can perform their own “Yahad” [conversion.] to Yahadut.  Abraham "IVRI"  (translated means Hebrew) its understood as his conversion immersing in a water “MIKVA” immersion is outward symbolic sign of choosing to follow YHWH physically and religious characteristics as did Our father Abraham.  In Etymology, "IVRI" is a term meaning "Cross over the Euphrates," historically has been used many times to mean, crossing over from Gentile religious family [Goy Goyot] toward YHWH Yahadut family. 


(2) Brief references ; The Midrash in Shemot Rabbah 1:23 states that Pharaohs daughter converted to Yahadut by converting herself [Sotah 12b.]  Ramban on Yevanot 47b, and 95b, Hil Issurei biyah 13:9.  The Mordchai on Yevamot 4 para. 36.  R Ovadiah Yosef “Yabia Omer” section 9-10.  Moshe Feinstein Dibrot Moshe on Yevamot 35:3, p480, exp on p477 to p481. R Joseph Rosen “Zafnat Pameah” on Hil Issurei Biyah.  Radbaz on Yevamot (24b) 45b to 46a.  Sheilot U’testuvot R. Solomon Zalmon Lipschitz Hendat Shleomo. Yoreh Deal # 29, The Meiri Tosafot the Rosh.


Outside YHWH’s scripture Yahadut, whatever other religious replacement theological system of praise and worship, is consider a usurping His authority for (Lev. 18:4) "MY [YHWH] rules ALONE shall you observe."


Scripture “Yahadut” has been considered as the accepted form of expression, for “Yahadut” alone is the Hebraic scripture religion.  It the only scripture religious system reveal and titled by YHWH mononym Holy name.  Establish by His word (Gen. 17:7, Ezekiel 39:7.) that a Yehudi ascribe to live by scripture Yahadut attributes.  The Hebraic scripture along is the preeminence source to understand the mechanism that causes the real natural processes of a union with YHWH, our blessing, spiritual strength, joy, delight and happiness, therefore applied for the word “Strong’s # 2304 Hadut” express in (1 Ch. 16:27) and (Nehemiah. 8:10) YHWH’s Joyousness {Heth, Daleth, Vav, Tov.} is your strength.”  “YAHADUT” maintain YHWH mononym association with His Joyousness “acclamation.”


Reference: The modern Vav is the 6th letter of the Hebrew alphabet. W in YHWH is from Paleo Hebrew root pronounced {Strong’s # 2053 “Wav“} meaning tent hooks, pin or peg.  In Paleo Hebrew the letter looks like a Y, or as Rashbam on Shmot 26:32 called it “a fork.”


The Strong Concordance serving its’ purpose: it’s the most recognizable with over 8600 “open source” Hebrew word / number resource to quickly pinpoint and disseminate a Hebrew word, providing easy asses to identify and search the scripture verses where it is used.  Although, it need to be said that “Strong‘s” is not the best definition of scripture words, a better is “A Comprehensive Etymological dictionary of the Hebrew language.”  If any one knows a preferable Jewish Hebrew word / number resource, let me know.


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